Metal Stud Framing

Metal Stud Framing

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Metal Stud framing has been used in the USA since the 1950s. However, it’s only recently that contractors and homeowners have started understanding the advantages of metal studs over wooden ones. And because of this, every other building project calls for metal studs.

If you are looking for a metal studs contractor in Tulsa for your next project, you’ve come to the right place. At Arrow Construction Resources, we can help you install metal frames at competitive prices for residential, commercial, and even industrial purposes.

Aren’t you sure why using metal studs is better than wooden ones? Read along to find out.

Why Choose Metal Studs Over Wooden Studs?

Here’s why you should go for metal studs Tulsa over wooden ones:

Metal Studs are Stronger

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Although metal studs weigh less than wooden ones, they can support more weight. This is why contractors recommend steel studs for cabinets, doorways, and load-bearing walls.

Metal Studs are More Convenient to Handle

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Metal studs are light in weight and occupy less space. This makes them easy to carry, transport, and install. What’s more, metal studs produce no sawdust, unlike wood, making them easy to work on.

Metal Studs are More Resilient and Long Lasting

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Metal studs, especially the galvanized ones, are naturally resilient to humidity and moisture, unlike wood. This attribute keeps the studs straight for extended intervals and prevents them from rotting, wrapping, splitting, and cracking. So, you can expect an overall long life from metal studs.


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Metal studs are now being made using recycled material which brings down the overall cost of installation and maintenance. So, if you want to save some money while maintaining aesthetic beauty and safety, metal studs are your way to go.

Metal Studs are Fire & Insect Resistant

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While wood is highly inflammable, metal studs are fire-proof, providing you with more safety. Also, termites and other insects can significantly deteriorate the wooden studs weakening the structure. However, metal studs pose no such risk as they’re completely insect-proof.

So, go for metal studs if your area experiences frequent downpours or are known for insect invasions.

Why Choose Arrow Construction Resources for Metal Studs Oklahoma City?

Here’s why businesses and local residents in Oklahoma City choose us:

Decades of Experience

Arrow Construction Resources has been in this business for decades. And since the beginning, we’ve successfully installed thousands of square feet of metal studs across the city of Oklahoma and neighboring regions. So, you can rely on us for your project of any size and expect the best.

Versatile Services

Arrow Construction Resources has got your back, whether you want metal studs for your commercial, industrial, or residential building. Even if you need drywall repair, EIFS, stucco repair services, or help regarding acoustical or specialty ceilings, you can reach out to us. Our company has dedicated experts in the aforementioned fields, offering nothing but the perfect service experience.

Thorough Inspection

A contractor needs to determine where heavier gauge and light gauge steel studs are required. And a poor decision can lead to compromises on structural safety. However, you need not worry about hiring our metal stud Oklahoma City contractors. Our contractors thoroughly inspect the building and use heavier gauge studs for load-bearing and lighter gauge studs for partition and low-bearing walls. This way, structural safety is always maintained.


We started Arrow Construction Resources to make high-quality building services affordable for everyone. It’s why we always try to keep the cost of every project affordable for all. So, reach out now if you’re looking for an affordable yet quality metal stud installation in Tulsa, Oklahoma City.

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